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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take commissions?

Yes. I accept commissions on portraits as well as other subject matters. Simply message me using the contact form, or via and let me know what you have in mind. Final price will depend on size, technique and complexity. We can work together on something to suit your budget.

"Is it an oil painting?"

No. I use acrylic paint in my work - I had an allergic reaction to the solvents and spirits used in oil painting and had to change medium. This led to my trying acrylics and, with time, I developed my own techniques which led to my work looking like oil painting.

What other materials do you use?

I mainly use:

  • charcoal (both synthetic and natural),

  • watercolour pencils,

  • water-soluble crayons,

  • water-based spray paint (rarely).

All of the products I use are water-based to be compatible with acrylic paint.

Do you fix your charcoal?

Never at the beginning of the work. I always draw with charcoal on canvas and, right after, I use just a paintbrush and water to go over the same drawing motions, selecting the portions that interest me. After it's dry I move on to painting.


I always varnish my work in the end with a satin-finish, no-yellowing varnish spray to keep the pigments stable and the drawn parts fixed.

Did you study art?

Yes. Please refer to my Bio for more details.

How is your art priced?

My work is priced according to several factors, mainly:

  • size and materials used, 

  • the amount of time spent painting, researching the theme, working on studies, sourcing models, plus regular studio expenses (rent, etc.),

  • my growing experience (so an earlier artwork will cost less than an equally-sized more recent one, for example).

Packing and Shipping

Large paintings/drawings are usually sent unframed inside a PVC, shock-resistant tube for extra protection and to keep shipping costs low. Sending large dimension artwork framed is highly costly (it can quadruple the price of shipping) and more prone to damage. I like to do my best to ensure my patrons receive their paintings in pristine conditions.

Naturally, artwork sent in the above mentioned conditions will need to be framed. I usually suggest patrons contact local framers, as they can get better deals than if they were to source them directly from me.

For more details about packing and shipping, please read the pertaining section in our Terms and Conditions.

How long does it take you to finish a painting?

This is a tricky question to answer. Naturally, a larger painting will take me longer to finish than a smaller one, but I don't consider the first brushstroke as the beginning of the work - it starts with the idea. Then there is the maturing of it in my mind, the (many, many) hours spent researching the subject matter, watching documentaries, reading... I proceed to drawing and writing in my sketchbook diaries, after which I move on to drawn/painted studies. Once I feel ready and everything falls into place for me, only then do I proceed to the "final artwork," the painting itself.

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